Dr. Martin Cooper (Cell phone inventor):"Jacob has intimate knowledge of both the technology and of the people the technology must serve".

William (Bill) Farrell (Morgan Stanley): "You are pretty provocating in presenting interesting topics with an unique width and depth of relevant knowledge".

Nicolaas Rauwenhoff (Lucent EMEA): "Jacob alerts the whole telecom industry to take the customer for serious".

Prof. Donald Norman (author Emotional Design, etc.): "You need no introduction: your work stands for its own".

Dr. Paulo de Sousa (DG European Commission): "Jacob's work is a welcome contribution to enhance human communication and not to replace it".

Ian Pearson (Futurologist British Telecom): "Read on Jacob's vision and learn how society will adapt and change".

Howard Rheingold (author Virtual Community, Smart Mobs, etc.): "Jacob van Kokswijk accurately points out that there are limits in enforcement".

Who is he? What is he doing?

Jacob van Kokswijk (60) is a communications expert, a part-time principal technology consultant with CapGemini, and a sought-after speaker on IT, telecommunications, youth- and cyber-related conferences. Special focus on digital interactive media, user controlled technologies, virtuality, crossmedia development and human behavior in cyber world and other virtual environments. (see Agenda) Core competence is the (perception of the) technological environment, called 'virtuality'.

Jacob holds a chair in "virtualisation" at the leading Medical Faculty of the University of Leuven in Belgium. He is carrying out academic research into the multimedia and (user) profiling in virtuality, the aspects of behavioral patterns, the self learning support of user interaction vs user in control, and the defining and certifying of (user) competences, at the Computational Neuroscience Research Group of the Department of Neurosciences.
For 2005-2009 Dr. Van Kokswijk was Adjunct Professor of Human Computer Interaction (HCI) in new interactive media at KAIST Graduate School of Culture Technology (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology in Daejong and Digital Media City Seoul (Korea) where the first public interreality environment DMC is getting build now.
Since 2006 he is teaching at the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering and the Ubiquitous Space Research Center @ the KAIST Institute for Urban Space and Systems (KIUSS), pointing the smart dynamic design by using human feedback in ICT for mechanical engineering. Jacob is asked in 2005 to be visiting professor at the School of Business of the Yonsei University in Seoul (South Korea) for the stream of behavior in digital interactive media at the Human Computer Interaction Laboratorium at the Yonsei Engineering Research Center. He still visits Yonsei on a yearly base.
He is also core lecturer at the MBA Cross Media in Utrecht (NL).

Since 2008 Professor Van Kokswijk is member of the Advisory Board of the Creative Technology Programme of the Twente University in The Netherlands. He is also member of the Innovation Committee of the Utrecht University.
From 2002 to 2008 Jacob was researcher into the Architecture, Behaviour and Culture of the Cyber World and from May 2006 to June 2009 senior lecturer at the Twente University, and defined in 2003 the concept of 'interreality' (see for educational research and experimental evidence). Also from 2006 to 2008 he was doing research too into the phenomenon of Virtual Identities at the Law School of the Faculty of Law, Arts and Social Sciences of the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow (UK). Additional Dr. Van Kokswijk was associated with the Fontys University as an imagineer for ICT and education.

Dr. Van Kokswijk has a PhD in Human Behaviour, a MSc degree in Computer Science, an LLM in Internet Law, and a MO in Governmental Law. Besides, he is also certified in marketing, scientific copywriting and business architecture, and is qualified to obtain an Amateur Radio License.

Jacob van Kokswijk is member of The Next Generation Network Initiative, and, related to the European Commission's IST taskforce for mobile Ipv6 and personalisation, he is leading involved with the user requirements architecture for mobile services on next generation networks. He was leader of EC's Fp5 Mobile User Requirements Work pack and architect of mayor multichannel contact centers. Referring the e-health, Mr. Van Kokswijk presents the vision that technology will be an essential part of the quality of life. He still researches the human behavior with embedded chips in human bodies and multiple digital identities in cyber world.
Furthermore he is author of books and articles (see Publications), editor of the BTG Magazine and writes frequently as scientific journalist and columnist in leading magazines.
Jacob's latest book Digital Ego is just released in the 2nd print of 3.000 copies. His previous book Human was sold 10.000 copies. A new book about Order without Law in Virtual Worlds is forthcoming.

Mr. Van Kokswijk is the representative of the Netherlands in (and Secretary of) the International Telecommunications Users group.

Having started his career after studying Dutch administrative law, he worked as chairperson of a public enquiry, as a public relations officer, scientific copywriter, audio-visual producer, communication-manager and interim manager. Between 1978 and 1982 he was also municipal councilor and member of the regional government. The years after, Jacob produces a blizzard of Dutch graphical objects, image campaigns and radio- and audio-visual programs. In 1991-1992 he was project manager of the first Dutch version of Andrew Lloyd Webber's musical 'Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat'. After that, Jacob produced communication campaigns and was project manager of the Dutch Broadcast Organisation.

From 1996 (to autumn 1999) he was the manager of the IT-based Telemedia Services of the Dutch Fontys University of Professional Education, resorting directly to the Board of Governors. His job was both managing the project team (named: ‘TelePlus’) that will change the telecommunication facilities and creating and developing the new Tele-business for academics. He was responsible for the start-up of the new telecommunication company (Telco) Edutel. In summer 1998 he set up the fully CTI-based Fontys call centre and, for some months in 1998/1999, he was also ad-interim manager operations of the new telecom operator 'Edutel'. Further, in 2000 he was involved with Cisco's Architecture Voice, Video and Integrated data (AVVID) program, including the European introduction of Cisco's VoIP Callmanager. In an academic research project, Jacob van Kokswijk developed the basic design of an advanced personalized call diversion tool, that goes commercial as Peter Connect and became one of the primarily attendant tools in Cisco's IP telephony. In 2000, he presented also an centrex architecture, based on Cisco's AVVID concept at the ISP Forum in Rome. Five years later, it finally landed in the telecom world.

From 2000 Mr. van Kokswijk is principal technology consultant (and certified global infrastructure engineer) with CapGemini, and consults both governments, organisations and companies, such as ABN Amro, Ahold, AM, Canon, DHV, Endemol, ING, Lucent, KPN, MAB, MTV, Orange, Rabo Bank, Sanoma, Versatel, Vodafone.

Jacob dances the Argentino Tango.