Jacob van Kokswijk

Type: K0KSWIJK @ msn,com

Call: +31 88 353 22 44

Visit: My Cybercastle

Write: P.0. B0X 3265, D 52199 HERZ0GENRATH, GERMANY


Don't copy my telephone number nor my mail or postal address, in order to send me spam or to try to sell me something by phone, fax or mail.
Spam is forbidden by law. When you are spamming me, I'll block and ignore you immediately forever. Also, I send logged details including your IP address to
This is a transparant world and all communication details are logged and available. Logging the visiters of my website is a fantastic feature in case of frustrating behavior! Even when you are hiding your real IP or CLI, my provider will trace and catch the originating IP or CLI number to put that number in all official Abuse Prevention Systems, on the Realtime Blackhole List and the ITU phone/fax black lists.
REMEMBER: It will cost you more time and money to restart your "business" than it will take me to block and blacklist your numbers.