My just finished project is an academic book about ' Identity in Interreality ':
Digital Ego
Non-human virtual identities have an increasing impact on our society. A virtual identity is not just an online identity of a person, but a new technical and social phenomenon. What if software agents, powered by artificial intelligence, start acting on your behalf in a digital marketplace? What are the legal consequences of decisions made by these autonomous virtual agents?
Digital Ego counters the common belief that a virtual identity is only a temporary and innocent phenomenon, which disappears when a computer is switched off. Influenced by markets, politics and culture, cyberspace is becoming a highly regulated world where, compared to our tangible world, behaviour will be much more tightly controlled. The author addresses a broad range of social and legal aspects of virtual identities, such as the position of virtual environments in real world legal systems, and the difference between virtual and real identities.
Digital Ego was praised by Howard Rheingold and is available via the book page.

Cyber-spacing, multiple identity and law in virtual reality.

In 1979, Pink Floyd had a hit with 'Another Brick in the Wall', from the album The Wall, which featured the ringing line
"We don't need no education, we don't need no thought control.". That song inspired rebellion in a generation of exam-weary teenagers. But in the last 25 years education went to chat rooms and virtual classes, and the touch control is now part of our daily life.

In 2002 Ben Elton wrote Queen's updated lyrics for the famous 1982 Freddy Mercury song "Radio Ga Ga":
We sit alone and watch your light
Our only friend, through teenage nights,
And everything we want to get
We download from the internet.
No need to think, no need to feel
When only cyberspace is real
... et cetera.

Also the lyrics of the femine song 'Killer Queen' were updated to one's behaviour in Cyber world:
...To avoid complications
She never kept the same address
In conversation
She spoke just like a baroness
Chat a man from China
Went down to Geisha Minah ...

New Project.

Project Aims:

Determine existent and potential generic elements of imaginating design with cross media in a hybrid mix of realities.

Project Outline:

Investigating the human behaviour in designed interreality environments.
In the perception of frequent participants (inhabitants) of the new virtual society the physical, virtual and potential other realities integrate in a kind of total hybrid experience (interreality). For the youngest generation, grown up with a mobile phone as a musical box, the Playstation as a box of building blocks, with the Internet as an encyclopedia and the television as moving wallpaper, is living in two realities, interreality, quite normal. For scientists, services providers and developers it is a challenge to keep up with the roadrunners of the virtual society. But what shall we do with this new reality mix? Do we need a new generation mediasigners and imagineers?

Project deliverable: A book about Future Design in Interreality, published February 2009.

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